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NBF’s mission is to follow a process and execute activities to further develop a sustainability-driven and competitive identification in the organic sector through the advancement and dissemination of research-based knowledge of the high International standard.

  • Our mission includes making an impact by contributing to the organic supply chain, and the advancement of farming and food systems.
  • Contribution towards the round development of organic systems to improve the possibilities of converting from conventional to organic production and also towards the advancement of sustainable farming.
  • Mission also includes focusing on the development and dissemination of organic farming organic supply chain as instruments for achieving important objectives concerning the environment, climate, nature, animal welfare, and rural development.
  • Contribution towards the organic supply chain development through our international standard developed research facilities.

We seek to help in the organic revolution by educating and incubator of ideas to work and make an impact on the development of a better society.

Our mission revolves around the enhancement of the organic ingredients supply chain which includes fundamentals of production, processing, and distribution which is taken care of through widespread localized warehouses and centers across the world. In addition, this technological advancement imparts an exceptional level of efficiency to organic practices ensuring society’s long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.