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Varieties of Organic Pellets


At NBF, we specialize in providing a range of organic pellets that are carefully sourced and processed to maintain their natural goodness. Our selection includes organic pellets made from various sources, such as rice, wheat, and soybeans. These pellets are non-GMO, and free from additives or preservatives, making them a healthy and natural choice for animal feed. We take pride in offering high-quality pellets that are perfect for those looking for organic, sustainable, and healthy feed options for their livestock.

Organic Red Lentil Pellets

Organic Amaranth is an ancient grain, organically grown in Himalayan region of India. It is one of the most nutritious grains, with high amounts of calcium, iron and protein. Along with these, it also contains dietary fibres, vitamins and various other nutrients. This gluten free seeds has highest quantity of amino acids and most importantly lysine which has few grains other than amaranth can provide. These grains are recommended for effective digestion and weight management. The most common form of its usage is to grind the grain into flour or to pop them to form puffed product.

Organic White Rice Pellets

Organic Quinoa, Organically cultivated by our farming families in India, super grain, a powerhouse of protein and fiber. It is a good source of iron, potassium, manganese, and phosphorus. It has complete protein, which means it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health. Due to its low-glycemic index than rice having quinoa grain can make you feel fuller for a longer time thereby reduces your cravings for food.

The main advantage of using quinoa as a food supplement in the flour industry is that it helps meet growing international demand for gluten-free products. There is currently a need for high-quality foods with high protein content. Protein is concentrated in the embryo of the quinoa seed containing up to 45% protein.

Organic Brown Rice Pellets

Chia Seeds are one of the most powerful, functional and nutritious superfoods in the world. The chia seed is an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins and mineral. Chia seeds contain about 15% protein, 30 % fat and 42 % carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrate present in Chia seeds is dietary fiber. Chia seeds because of their significant amount of fibre can absorb up to 15 times more water than their weights.