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Varieties of Organic Pulses


Our Organic Pulses and Lentils are grown in different regions of India by our trusted and loyal individual organic farmers. NBF is a leading Organic Pulses supplier in India and has a separate production line for Organic Pulses where cleaning of pulses , grading, color sorting and packaging for them is done in hygienic conditions.

Organic Red Lentil Whole

Sourced and collected from diverse regions encompassing the Indian ICS of Nature Bio Foods, spanning from northern India to the central territories. This product is particularly noteworthy for its significant potassium and iron content. Lentils, a component of this produce, are abundant in flavones, displaying potent antioxidant properties. Furthermore, they contain notable quantities of folic acid and magnesium (70 percent), crucial elements recognized for reducing homocysteine levels—a compound known for its adverse effects on heart health and artery walls.

Organic White Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans) Whole

The principal organic chickpea supply sourced from NBF ICS originates predominantly from Madhya Pradesh, trailed by Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka in India. Chickpeas serve as a protein-rich option for vegetarians, offering approximately 20-25% protein content per 100 grams. These legumes vary in size, ranging from 5-6 mm (referred to as Baby Chickpeas) to larger variants measuring 11-12 mm (known as Double Dollar Chickpeas).

Organic Brown Chickpeas Whole

Regarded as an essential and nourishing legume, this food boasts numerous nutritional advantages, offering 269kcal per 100g. With a low-fat content of 4.2g, it serves as a highly satisfying option that doesn’t contribute to excess body fat. Furthermore, it aids in managing blood pressure and promotes good bone health. This versatile food is accessible in split, dehusked form known as chana dal, as well as in powdered form called besan.

Organic Black Lentil Whole

Cultivated across different regions within the Indian ICS of Nature Bio Foods—including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar—this product contains 26g of protein and 60g of carbohydrates per 100 g. Renowned for its capacity to enhance energy levels, support cardiovascular health, alleviate pain and inflammation, bolster immunity, promote skin health, prevent diabetes, fortify bones, enhance the nervous system, and facilitate optimal digestion.

Organic Mung Bean Split, With & Without Skin

With a low glycemic index of 25, these Green Gram Beans emerge as an intelligent dietary option for individuals managing diabetes. These beans are considered safe for consumption by those with diabetes. Their low glycemic index, coupled with a high fiber content of 17g and substantial protein content of 24g, aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Organic Mung Bean Whole

This product maintains low levels of Saturated Fat and Sodium, while also exhibiting very low Cholesterol content. Additionally, it serves as a notable source of Protein (23.9g), Niacin (2.3mg), Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Moreover, it stands as an excellent provider of Dietary Fiber (65%), Vitamin C (4.8mg), Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Folate, Copper, and Manganese.

Organic Pigeon Peas Whole

It contains folic acid, lean protein (22g), fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Additionally, it is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. With low-calorie content (335kcal/100g), it serves as an excellent alternative to help reduce excess body fat.

Organic Red Lentil Split

Grown and procured from various regions in Indian ICS of Nature Bio Foods from northern India to middle India. Good source of protein 25 grams (cooked lentil), essential amino acids, potassium, iron (36 percent), fiber (14 percent) and vitamin B1. It also helps to lower cholesterol and control sugar levels.

Organic Black Lentils Split, With & Without Skin

Approximately 25% of its composition comprises diverse proteins. For every 100 grams, it provides 18 grams (72%) of dietary fibers, 1 gram of Potassium (8%), and a mere 2 grams of fat. This food item is abundant in vitamins such as A and C, and it also contains moderate levels of B-complex vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin.

Organic Pigeon Peas Split

Cultivated in the regions of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, this product is abundant in folic acid, lean protein (22g), fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Additionally, it is enriched with essential minerals including iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. With a low-calorie count (335kcal/100g), it serves as an excellent alternative to help trim excess body fat.

Organic Brown Chickpeas Split

This stands as the most protein-rich among legumes, effectively fueling the body and enhancing overall energy levels. It contains Methionine (0.07g), supporting proper cellular function. Rich in iron (2.9mg) and folate (172mcg), it significantly contributes to boosting hemoglobin levels, vital for improved health.