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Food Traceability Solution


NBF’s Intelligent Traceability platform proposes multiple key traceability solutions to digitize, secure and leverage valuable agri data, enabling a safer, more sustainable, more efficient and transparent organic food ingredient supply chain.

We capture real-time data, enabling our partners to track and trace all aspects of the organic produce journey from farm to fork. This digital solution gives you all the information about the produce from plantation to packaging. TraceOrigin improves the transparency of our farming process and the complete supply chain as a whole, which will also help you choose the best.

Among its main benefits, the Traceorigin allows companies to improve operational intelligence, ensure product safety, mitigate fraud, increase consumer trust and engagement, and reach sustainability goals.

Backed by more than 30 years of expertise and global partnerships with leading organic brands, Nature Bio Foods’ Traceorigin offers digital scalable traceability solutions based on innovation, interoperability, reliability and efficiency.

NBF Traceable Supply Chain

LAND ASSESSMENT & IMPACTS Detailed scientific study is carried out before establishing any project to check suitability of the land, crop specific climatic requirement and its socio economic & environmental impacts.
ORGANIC ETHOS & PRACTICES Ethos of Organic agriculture is to work with the nature and having a minimalistic approach in using natural resources which is judicial. Different crops that we grow require varied agro practices. Our operations are always focused to minimizing tillage operations, keeping the co-plants (conventionally called weeds) at control and developing a natural ecosystem to flourish for not allowing any insect/ pathogen to grow beyond an economic threshold level to be called as ‘pest’.
OPTIMAL SEED PLANTING Planting materials, more often called as ‘seeds’, represent enormous potential. Every seed carries an imprint of cosmic arrangements and thus it is critical that seeds are sown at a time, depth and season which is the best suit for balancing vitality and yield.
CO-EXISTING PLANT CONTROL It is important that the growth of co-existing plants are kept in economic control for commercial cultivation of main crops. We reckon that every plant that grows naturally on a cropping field has a defined role to play in directly or indirectly contributing to balanced growth of the main crop or by suppressing other co-crops by means of allelopathy.
PEAK VITALITY HARVESTING Harvesting is the operation of gathering the useful part or parts of the plant and is carried out at the time when all the nutrients have developed to offer maximum vitality. We align ourselves to the lunar cycle in determining the best time to initiate harvesting.
MICROBIOME’S VITAL ROLE At Nature Bio Foods, we essentially consider the microbiome as the true torch bearers of universal life. Without the myriad and most critical roles they play in harnessing nutrients, fetching moisture, contributing essential enzymes and antibiotics to the plants life in the planet are most improbable. We work with nature to create that ambience in which crops planted are self-sustaining and robust. Home grown microbial cultures, compost and compost tea facilitates the purpose aptly.
SMART TRANSPORT NETWORK Smart Transport network enables agriculture and emboldens the farmer to invest more and increase production. All but an efficient transport system would often fail essence of commercial agriculture in spite of laid out good farming practices. Post-harvest quick transportation that suits the best to the environmental causes has been kept in focus at our supply chain.
QUALITY PROCESSING & STORAGE Quickly transported Organic ingredients, once reach the processing units, are cleaned at our state-of –the-art units and stored in modern hygienic facilities for onward packaging and distribution.
CARGO CONTAINER SECURITY MEASURES To ensure the stability of cargo containers during transportation across various modes, several pre-defined measures are implemented. In waterway shipping, solid foam or folded fibre board is strategically placed in the curved or triangular areas of the container’s floor. This placement effectively prevents the shifting of the load, providing better support and keeping the cartons upright.
SPECIALIZED CARGO UNLOADING During the unloading process, specialized tools and equipment are used to prevent any loss or damage to the organic ingredients. These measures ensure that the organic food ingredients are handled with care and maintain their quality throughout the procedure.
INNOVATIVE CO2 CLEANING At our Rotterdam warehouse, we have implemented an innovative in-house CO2 cleaning system that plays a crucial role in reducing our environmental impact. This advanced technology allows us to recover up to 98% of the carbon emitted during the organic ingredients processes. By capturing and recycling this CO2, we actively contribute to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable
SATISFACTION AND QUALITY SHIPPING At the last stage, the pallets containing organic ingredients are delivered to the customers, prioritizing their utmost satisfaction. Compressive SOPs and tracking procedures are in place to prevent package loss and provide timely updates regarding the shipment status. This ensures a smooth and reliable delivery process.


Presence in more than 28 countries

Certified by global organic bodies

125000 hectares of organic farmland digitalised

867 tons of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere

64000 farmers and crop data stored safely in EU servers

Digital Sustainability Ledger for UN SDG



TraceOrigin software simplifies farm management with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
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TraceOrigin software simplifies farm management with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
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TraceOrigin software simplifies farm management with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.
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At the forefront of supply-chain optimization, TraceOrigin software leverages its blockchain foundation and smart technology capabilities.
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TraceOrigin software sets a new benchmark for easy monitoring of sustainability goals. It enables businesses to effortlessly track.
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In the era of increasing consumer demand for organic products, TraceOrigin software emerges as a formidable weapon against the rising.
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As trailblazers in the organic produce industry, Nature Bio Foods continuously strives to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. Our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, as we plan to venture into the realm of Virtaual Reality / Metaverse technology. This innovative development will enable us to provide you with an immersive and interactive virtual tour of our farms and state-of-the-art factories, transcending geographical barriers. By embarking on this extraordinary journey, we aim to enhance your understanding of our meticulous processes, highlighting our unwavering dedication to delivering the finest organic ingredients while upholding sustainability as our guiding principle. Moreover, our data-driven traceability platform, TraceOrigin, serves as a bridge between you and the diligent farmers who work tirelessly to cultivate the land. This unique endeavor seeks to forge a stronger connection, bringing you closer to the farms and farmers behind your organic products.