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NBF’s Vision is to lead the organic ingredients supply chain with a strong focus on Sustainability. We focus on Finest Processing Output and generate solutions for agriculture and humanity that is in alignment with the sustainability and fair approach to the environment and humankind.

It requires dynamic and competent thinking to evaluate the organization’s long-term prospects. We as a group of sustainability advocates are focused on helping the people associated with us with organic food. We believe in contributing to the development of sustainable food systems based on the organic philosophy and the organic principles. The soil, water, and other natural resources are essential for the planet’s health. We are working tirelessly for the transition from conventional agriculture to organic.

Our vision includes the supply of high-quality organic food as a basis for healthy diets and a key for improving quality of life and health ensuring securing food and ecosystems through eco-functional intensification.

We envision encouraging the dependency of agriculture and food supply on non-renewable energy sources, especially fossil fuels. The focus lies around choosing a highly sustainable method, economizing natural resources, and internalizing environmental problems resulting in many positive impacts on the diversity of landscapes, farms, fields, and species. Ethical values, such as the welfare of humans and animals are high on the agenda.