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Organic · Fair · Ethical · Sustainable · Regenerative · 

Organic · Fair · Ethical · Sustainable · Regenerative · 

Organic · Fair · Ethical · Sustainable · Regenerative · 

Organic · Fair · Ethical · Sustainable · Regenerative · 

Organic · Fair · Ethical · Sustainable · Regenerative · 

Climate Conscious Ingredients Supply Chain for Organic Brands and Industries

As a major organic farming and sourcing company, we are very conscious of our responsibility for the climate, environment and society. For Nature Bio Foods, the concept of being consistently sustainable means a holistic focus on environment friendly processes and fair & ethical working conditions. Our globally integrated organic supply chain plays a key role here.

Global Teams, Local Certifications - helps us ensure:


Security of Supply and Risk Management

Service requirements as low as 1 pallet. Reliability of supply and contract execution with risk management at every step of the supply chain.

Credibility of Authentic Organic Produce

Bio Certification from Naturland, Bio-Suisse, Fair Trade & EU organic defines the authenticity of organic ingredients.
What makes Nature Bio Foods BV
your best partner in souring organic ingredients?

Transforming for a Better Tomorrow, a Resilient Workforce and a Responsive Organic Supply Chain, We're at the Centre of the World Organic Food Map.


Regenerative Organic Agriculture

We imagine a world in which farmers, brands, policymakers, educators, researchers, and individuals join together to create a healthy food system that respects land and animals, empowers people, and restores communities and ecosystems through regenerative organic farming.

TraceOrigin: Where has you organic ingredients come from.

TraceOrigin brings you closer to the farms with data, virtual reality and augmented reality, an Omni channel experience for customers to learn more about the farms and the farmers. More than traceability, know your farms, know your farmers, welcome to TraceOrigin.

Just in Time Delivery, Any Quantity, At Your Doorstep.

The success of food supply chains depends not only on how efficiently goods move but also on how quickly data is captured and effectively shared with multiple stakeholders, using robust frameworks and the latest technology for better transparency authenticity of organic sourcing and overall traceability from gates of the farms to factories and warehouses.


High Pressure Treatment

Nature Bio Foods Organic established a production process to preserve products in an environmentally friendly and ecological manner. No pesticides or other chemical agents are used in this process. All grains and seeds at our company – are treated against pests. Tests conducted with various ingredients and even on wood against wood-boring insects have shown that this method could be a very attractive option for the treatment of these products.

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