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The NBF market screener includes a review of commodity markets. We hope you will find this useful in making informed buying decisions.


Organic Aromatic Rice:

Organic Basmati Rice prices remained weak this season due to bigger crop in Pakistan than last year. In India, crop size remained a bit higher than last year. Improved production and higher stock levels caused prices to remain sluggish.

The basmati prices this season started on a negative note, whereas last season they continuously rose. Last year prices jumped by 25-30% than normal season prices. After new harvest in November/December the correction in prices started and it looks to be bottomed out now.

Based on our analysis, we expect organic Basmati rice prices to stabilize and move higher as well.

Thai Fragrant Rice prices (Hommali/Jasmine) have been seen steady since last year.
Not much changes were seen in the Thai prices since last year.

Red Sea Route Closure – The red sea crisis is still not solved and hence freight and additional transit time are weighing on supply chain. The freights that went up at the start of the red crisis have now cooled off a bit, but still the challenges are there and its uncertain when this will get resolved.

Due to Red seas crisis, ocean freight from Asia to Europe went up to 3000 USD per container. This has now cooled off to 2500 to 2700 USD per container

Organic Non Aromatic Rice:

Pakistan Rice Yield (Source: USDA)

FAO Rice Index for April, 2024 remained at 138 Points which is 1.7% down from Feb values but still 14% higher than April,2023.

In Thailand, 1-Million-ton crop loss was seen this year, the crop reduction is mainly attributed to offseason crop due to water availability issues.

Non aromatic rice prices have followed the trend that we are seeing in aromatic rice. Prices have remained subdued from the start of the season. Main reason for this price sluggishness is attributed to Bigger crop in Pakistan and India.

General elections in India have started and will be completed by 4th June, 2024. Non-Basmati rice prices globally were trading higher when India put restriction on exports. Due to elections, Govt did not want to have inflation as a concern. After elections, Govt has assured continuation of free food grains to below poverty people and rice is a major component of it. Hence, chances of govt resuming exports of non basmati looks bleak which shall keep prices on strong note for next couple of weeks.

Interest rates in Pakistan are still unusually higher and this too keep the prices on stronger side.

Nature Bio Foods have state of art facility in India and Netherlands to cater the needs of our customers. We have stocks with us in our both the facilities and can cater the customer needs timely.


India Flax seed harvest got completed in Rabi season. Crop was reported to be better than last year. However still prices started to climb as pipeline or carryover stocks were minimal. Demand for low HCN & High HCN organic flax seeds remained high and hence prices remained strong.

In Kazakhstan, Crop was poor due to adverse weather conditions. As per Kazakh Govt statistics department, ~96 thousand ha crop was dried and lost. This impacted on the crop size which remained at 361 Thousand tons which was 845 Thousand tons in 2022.

Due to such global scenario, prices are likely to remain strong and we advise buyers to start covering the requirement.

Nature Bio Foods have stocks present in our India & Netherlands facility to offer for our customers.


Global organic soybean and meal prices remained subdued for last couple of months. Higher production in Latin America continued to weigh on prices. Demand from feed buyers remained robust but due to ample supplies the prices didn’t breach the threshold.

Indian soybean prices are at bottom and it should move upwards till new harvest start which comes in November. Currently the stocks are with the traders and hence stock hoarding can be seen which is supporting the prices to move upwards.

Africa bean harvest is expected in June/July and this should add supplies to the global balance sheet. As of now African soymeal exports are dominating this year in USA feed demand.

Nature Bio Foods Uganda owns a expeller based soymeal plant in Uganda and currently catering the USA and Europe customers from Uganda.


After a long stagnant time period, cashew prices gained momentum this month. Crop worries in Africa, Vietnam & India are primarily the reasons for this movement.

Currently there are two views trading in the market 1) Crop failure 2) Normal crop. Sentiments from crop failure is fueling the price rise and we have seen prices increasing by almost 10% from previous month levels.

Suppliers/processors are currently avoiding to provide quotes till the uncertainty on crop size does not fade. Buyers in Europe specifically are now aware of the situation and hence there is rush seen in demand for covering the requirement at current prices before its get too late.

Our India cashew project is no exception; farmers are expecting better returns in this crop as they have got the hope by seeing increment of prices in the local market.

We have currently booked the production for next 2 months and are assessing the situation for booking next couple of months.

Nature Bio Foods will be happy to have fixed contracts for organic Indian cashew supplies from now onwards.


India Chick Pea harvesting completed in March, crop reported to be normal and no quality issues or drop in production reported by farmers and local aggregators. Our project areas in India also experienced the same and verified the feedback.

However, lower stocks and good demand are supporting prices and currently chickpea prices in India are trading higher. EU Compliant stocks are limited and hence organic chick pea suppliers are rushing to cover the requirements. Desi (local) Chana prices are also strong and expected to gain momentum in coming months.

Prices in Canada remained timid and were trading flat compared to last year. Turkey prices also remained weak but still expensive than India. Prices are stagnant as of now and likely to remain in same territory
Nature Bio Foods imports organic chick peas from India and Turkey and has stocks available in Netherlands


Organic Sesame has been talk of the town since last one year. Crop failure in Latin America and compliance challenges from India has kept the pipeline very dry in global organic sesame market.

Indian harvest completed in February and we did see some attempts for exports to Europe from Indian processors. However, the strict challenges and past history did not allow many exporters to dare for the same.

Prices have cooled off recently after hitting a peak of 3000 Euro/MT. Lower carry over and poor availability keeping prices on a firm note. High demand and lower stocks situation is being seen in organic sesame industry since a year.

Currently sowing is going on in Egypt whereas harvesting has been completed in Latin American countries viz. Bolivia, Argentina & Peru. African origins like Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso are currently holding limited stocks.

Nature Bio Foods have projects in Africa (Uganda) and currently we have booked some stocks for our customers. Buyers can get in touch with us for further sales. Current market prices are around 2800-2900 Euro/MT.


India crop got harvested in March. Prices were trading strong before harvest and same trend is being seen. Not so good crop and higher demand has kept the prices on a firm note. Many processors/suppliers are currently covering theoir requirements in the market by doing fixed contracts.

India Quinoa prices are still cheaper than Latin American countries prices and hence demand for Indian Quinoa can be seen constantly. We expect prices to improve from here on.

NBF has stocks in India & Netherlands and buyers can connect with us for any requirements.


Uganda Chia harvest has completed and we covered organic chia seeds from our farmers there. India Chia harvest completed in January and then prices came off a little. However now robust demand has been seen and prices have again started increasing. Latin American harvest (Paraguay, Bolivia) will be completed in September.

Low crop availability and dry pipeline are keeping the prices in bullish trend. NBF is actively engaged with the farmers for organic chia seeds and buyers can start securing quantities with us.


Organic Amaranth prices witnessed sharp rise and then fall in last couple of months. Dry pipeline stocks and harvests ahead kept prices firm. However, harvest in India completed in March and hence rise in arrivals kept prices on lower side.

However, prices are still trading higher than previous year. NBF has currently stocks to offer and buyers can connect with us to cover their requirements with us in this scenario.


Harvesting of Psyllium seeds is near fag end of completion in India. Crop conditions were excellent and till now fortunately no adverse weather conditions being seen during harvesting.

Psyllium seeds prices have now come down to last year levels after hitting historic high in July,2023. Crop is expected to be bumper this season due to higher sown area by farmers.

NBF will also have steam sterilized Psyllium husk available at our Netherlands facility to offer to our customers readily.

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