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The NBF market roundup includes a review of commodity markets. We hope you will find this useful in making informed buying decisions.


Supplies across the globe squeezed after India’s ban on exports of conventional Non-Basmati rice. This rise in conventional prices are uplifting organic rice prices too.

FAO rice price index continued to create new highs and August settled at 142.4 points 9.8% higher than July month. Chart beside, Source- FAO Conventional and organic rice demand has been strong in European and US markets. Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam are the alternate options for rice importers. Prices in these nations are also trading at seasons peak high.

Indian Kharif sowing for rice has been satisfactory and 2.1% higher than last year. However, rainfall distribution has been worrisome due to strong El- Nino conditions and hence Indian government is trying to control food inflation by restricting exports. Pakistan Paddy crop is also in growing phase struggling at the last crop year impacted areas we can expect harvest results by November.

We work closely with Indian farmers to produce the best Basmati and Non-Basmati rice at Nature Bio Foods. At our state-of-the-art processing facility in Haryana, we handle and process the product with utmost care.

Nature Bio Foods is a leading supplier capable of offering this rice all year long to its customers. We recommend to get the stocks in hand aggressively considering the above bullish factors for the prices.

We are in due process of data development for Rice. From Next edition we will be sharing separate update on Basmati & Non Aromatic Rice than providing generic update on organic rice.


Flax sowing in Kazakhstan and Canada has been completed and industry expects the area to be lower than last year as farmers have got less realization then. Flax prices remained subdued for most of the months due to higher supplies. Buyers tend to seen covering inventory on hand to mouth basis expecting weak market prices.

As the area under cultivation is dropping and weather worries are still going on , Flax prices have already started to climb up and we expect the prices to move higher in the coming months. Low HCN stocks are limited and is in demand from the buyers.

Nature Bio Foods is one of the leading companies in India with its projects for responsible organic sourcing of flax seeds.

Nature Bio Foods has been able to manage its stock positions and now offering Organic Flax at significantly lower prices. Customers can take advantage of the stocks available in Europe at current prices.


Uganda soybean long harvest season has commenced last month. Buyers have been busy buying from farmers for their seed and meal processing requirements. Crop conditions were normal and farmers are expecting a satisfactory harvest this season.

Other Africa origins like Ethiopia, Tanzania are also seen exporting organic beans and meals. Sowing in India & US has been completed. Heatwave and dry conditions in USA are expected to dent crop yields. Brazil soybean sowing is expected by October.

Factors like dry weather in USA and El-nino conditions developing in South Asia prices are likely to remain firm.

Nature Bio Foods owns an organic meal processing facility in India and Africa and crush organic soybean for producing protein-rich organic soya meal. We keep supplying this organic soybean meal to Europe & America around the year.


Canada Lentil Production is under threat due to dry weather and industry expects crop to be near 1.5 MMT against estimate of 1.9 MMT. Buyers are already aware about the situation and hence trying to cover the inventories.

Similarly, El-Nino conditions in Asia has been strong and impacting the acreages and yields ahead. Lentil crop sowing will start in November in India but the poor monsoon season so far is not fruitful for the upcoming rabi sowing and hence we may have low acreages which means lower crop.

Currently, India & Turkey the two other origins have been seen buying from Canada.

Nature Bio Foods works closely with farmers and have been a leading supplier of Brown/ Red Lentils from India.


Globally the pipeline is dry due to lower crops last year and opening stocks were negligible. Next harvests are expected from Australia, Turkey & Canada by October & November.

Industry is still estimating the crop and there is news about heavy rains in turkey may impact yields and ~20% supplies could be lower than last year. Additionally, Turkey has placed an export limit ban on chickpeas given the low supplier in the country.  Lower stocks and high demand is expected to keep the prices firmed up.

India & Mexico crop are faraway and till then old stocks or new harvests from Australia, Turkey & Canada will be the source.

There are still uncertainties around Phosponic acid presence which occurs naturally in chick peas and requires very careful selection and segregation process.

Nature Bio Foods imports organic chick peas from India and Turkey and has stocks available in Netherlands.


Poor crops in Latin America have created global shortage for organic sesame seeds. Buyers and processors have been profoundly chasing for pure organic sesame seeds. African (Uganda) sesame harvest has commenced & our procurement team has been buying.  Indian conventional sesame exports are ongoing but due to ETO crisis the European markets are not available for Indian organic supplies.

Buyers can connect with us for sesame contracts for future months. Nature Bio Foods have the sourcing strength present in India, Pakistan, Uganda, Benin, Sudan, Egypt & Latin America.

ORGANIC Amaranth

Organic amaranth prices have witnessed a sharp rise and expected to trade higher ahead. Season is over in India and stocks are limited this time. Demand from exports as well as domestic market is keeping prices bullish.

NBF has currently stocks to offer and buyers can connect with us to cover their requirements with us in this scenario.


Cashew prices remain stable in August compared to previous couple of months when we witnessed a bearish trend. EU imports of cashews seen higher yoy from Africa nations especially from Cote d’ Ivoire. US Imports have been sluggish in past couple of months.

India origin cashews are seeing a slow pickup in demand for exports as buyers are trying to cover the inventories for the upcoming festive seasons especially in Europe and USA.

Indian origin cashew is known for its premium quality in terms of colour, size and taste. Most of the European and American companies still prefer Indian cashew.

Nature Bio Foods will be happy to have fixed contracts for organic Indian cashew supplies from now onwards.


Psyllium prices have been stable in August after riding a roller coaster ride from the last few months. Farmers are still holding lot of seeds with them as they think prices can move higher. However next sowing is two months ahead and bumper sowing is expected due to higher prices.

Nature Bio Foods is only working on strategic tie-ups with fixed contracts done in pre-sowing period i.e. before October last week.

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