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Demeter-certified Bio Dynamic farming is a holistic and regenerative approach to agriculture that has been embraced by Nature Bio Foods. The company’s thousands of farmers across several states in the country follow the Demeter-proliferated organic farming practice. This method of farming recognizes the interconnectedness of the earth and all its inhabitants, and seeks to create a harmonious balance within the ecosystem.

The principles of Bio Dynamic farming were first outlined by Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. Steiner believed that the health and vitality of the soil are the foundation of agriculture, and that a farm should be viewed as a living organism. To this end, Bio Dynamic farming emphasizes the use of preparations made from herbal and mineral substances to enhance the life force of the soil and the plants grown in it.

One of the key features of Bio Dynamic farming is the use of compost and compost preparations. For its part, Nature Bio Foods Organic Farming Schools experts train its farmers in preparing organic compost and green manure to enhance soil quality. These preparations are made from various herbs, minerals, and animal products, and are used to enrich the soil and stimulate the growth of beneficial microbes. The use of these preparations helps to build the soil’s fertility and structure, and can also help to control pests and diseases.

Another important aspect of Bio Dynamic farming is the use of crop rotation and intercropping. By rotating the crops grown in a particular field from year to year, farmers can help to prevent the depletion of soil nutrients and maintain soil health. Intercropping, or planting multiple crops in the same field, can also help to improve soil health and increase crop yields.

In addition to these practices, NBF’s Bio Dynamic farmers also pay close attention to the rhythms of the natural world. They may plant and harvest crops according to the phases of the moon, for example, or use astrological calendars to guide their farming activities. Moreover, the nuances of the Bio Dynamic farming practices are being taught to our field teams and farmers by Mrs Binita Shah, NBF-appointed expert consultant in Bio Dynamic farming methods. Ms Shah supervises and oversees NBF’s projects in multiple regions, including Chhatarpur, Balrampur, and Nanpara, among others.

Nature Bio Foods is committed to following the principles of Demeter-certified Bio Dynamic farming in all of its operations. By embracing this holistic approach to agriculture, we are able to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense food ingredients that are good for both the land and the people who consume them. Our Demeter label products like Red Lentils, Sesame, Moong, Groundnut, and Mustards generally receive a higher price, which allows us to invest back into the sustainable development of agrarian communities.

At Nature Bio Foods, we believe that the health of the soil is directly linked to the health of the plants, animals, and ultimately, the health of humans. By following Bio Dynamic farming practices, we are able to create a more harmonious and sustainable food system that benefits everyone.

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