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Nature Bio Foods, the leading organic ingredient supplier in Europe, has launched a new online traceability platform called TraceOrigin. TraceOrigin is a digital solution that will revolutionize the way to choose your organic ingredients and allow you to track end to end journey of our products. This digital solution will give you all the information about the produce from plantation to packaging. TraceOrigin improves the transparency of not only our farming process but the complete supply chain as a whole, which will also help you choose the best.

Our traceability system provides unparalleled visibility and transparency to our 100% organic production processes. With touchpoints across every stage – from farm to retail – our traceability platform enables tracing back the provenance of the produce to its origin, with details of farmer, farm location, date and time of harvest as well as complete visibility into logistics, conditions of storage, chain of custody and more. Our traceability system enables supply chain traceability like never before.

To get started, you can just scan the QR code on your pack or put the lot number printed on the labels of the bags and invoices to know all the detail of the project. The page which will come next gives you all the information you need from the location of the project, soil health, climate conditions, and farm water availability, to crop details, and certification among several other statistics. The page will also give you the history and cultural significance of the area, as well as the ethnic character of the place. You can find the minutest detail of the project with our big-data-driven platform. Our system is digitally scalable to further enhance and improve on giving you the finest details as new change or development happens.

TraceOrigin is a project that will bring not only distinctiveness but authenticity to the produce we deliver. The page you get on scanning will also tell you about sustainability efforts the company is undertaking, be it social, economic or environmental. Nature Bio Foods believe in the prosperity of every stakeholder from seed to the shelf which is why you will also see stories of proud farmers who were able to get a better life and fulfil the dreams of their children with our support.

Keeping up with tech trends, we are working towards using the most advanced technologies like AI, ML and blockchain to bring you the best organic produce in the industry. Nature Bio Foods also plan on developing Metaverse tech to give you an interactive virtual tour of our farms and state-of-the-art factories from anywhere around the world. This immersive experiment will give you an improved understanding of how we work to deliver you the best organic ingredients while keeping sustainability at the centre.

Our data-driven traceability platform helps to bridge the gap between farmers and you. TraceOrigin is a unique attempt to bring you closer to farms and farmers.

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