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Nature Bio Foods Europe as one of the leading providers of organic ingredients to the consumer globally understands the importance of an efficient supply chain. Therefore, we have over the years developed expertise in managing complex organic ingredients supply networks from start to finish. We have built a comprehensive logistic frameworks understanding that responding rapidly, flexibly, and effectively to changing market conditions is key to ensuring trust for organic consumers.

NBF’s developed supply chain network ensures Just-in-Time delivery of organic ingredients all across Europe. This reliable system guarantees that customers receive their orders on time and without any stock shortages. To guarantee a reliable Just-in-Time delivery module, NBF has introduced several innovative strategies such as introducing a flexible scheduling system, efficient data flow systems, real-time asset tracking and improved communication channels with suppliers. These strategies have enabled The company to streamline delivery processes while ensuring customer satisfaction levels remain high. Moreover, the NBF’s end-to-end supply chain support to their customers helps them in inventory control and cost optimization solutions.

Furthermore, by sourcing directly from farmers, NBF is able to bypass middlemen and complex supply chains, which in turn guarantee premium prices for farmers who are often Fairtrade certified by Nature Bio Foods as well. At the same time, this robust approach helps ensure that organic ingredients are sourced from authentic and certified organic farms which is paramount throughout the entire process. We have structured our complete logistic network in such a way that you can trace origin of every big bag through its entire journey from sowing, and harvesting to storage and transportation.

NBF extends its reach to individual producers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and buyers around the world. This direct operation from farmer to food manufacturer allows the company to not only eliminate unnecessary costs associated with middlemen but also offer better control over the safe handling of organic produce along the way. We have developed strength in supply-chain as such that it becomes an extension of our organic business, supporting us in all aspects of logistics.